Rourke’s Recommendations


Every couple weeks or so I recommend a few things such as movies, books, and an assortment of gear – all kinds of stuff. Some of these are related to survival & preparedness – while others are just stuff I like. Most are on Amazon but not all.

So – for this week……here is my list:


George Orwell – 1984

Killing the Rising Sun

The Survival Medicine Handbook

The Encyclopedia of Country Living



The Goonies



V: Season 1



Nylon Cable Zip Ties, 8″, Pack of 100

MIZOO LED Flashlight & Lithium Ion Battery System

Anker 21W Dual USB Portable Solar Charger

50 Cal Ammo Can Foam Insert – Pistol plus Magazines

Mid State Firearms, sale, AR-15, AR, M4,  lower, AR build


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