What did you do to prep this past week?

Hope everyone is doing well.

This week has been extremely busy – kids, work, etc. I managed to get a few things worked on in the realm of preparedness.

  • Picked up some cinder blocks needed for the next rain barrel installation.
  • Completed a set of seed banks for my group.
  • Found cardboard needed to line the inside of the galvanized trash can I picked up a couple weeks ago. Going to put together an EMP kit. Should have completed this project already.
  • Pulled out a few knives and sharpened them up. This was also long overdue.
  • I’m putting together a kit that allows a Sawyer water filter to be connected to a bucket for larger volumes. Sourcing all the parts is not easy but think I am almost there. This could end up being the most cost effective, high volume water filtration system I’ve come across.
  • Worked more on the homemade ham radio repeater with zero success. Going to keep trying.

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  • Caught up on watching some YouTube.


So – what have you done this past week?





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