Men have become nothing but economic goods for the illuminati of power. Goods to be bought, sold, or cast away at whim’s notice. The illuminati of power are brazen to the point of indifference, scoffing at man’s laws while remaining so far removed that accusation and evidence of dark doing bring no fear and they go about their business completely unconcerned by punishment. Dark and shameful deeds once done in hidden corners are now committed in the light of day. Depravity has reached into the hallowed corners of high government. Presidents and the powerful have openly sinned in the face of all creation safe in the knowledge that they are immune from criticism, prosecution, and removal by an apathetic governed.

Our thoughts are shaped and emotions enflamed by the opinions of intellectuals who by dent of their superior education and intellect must know better and see clearer than the common man. These intellectuals work in concert to foster dissatisfaction with success, good fortune, and personal accomplishment. They subvert our culture and civilization by creating the mindset that we are somehow unworthy. Unworthy of not only our own accomplishments but those of our fathers before us, that we should somehow be ashamed to have more of everything that is good and decent along with a better chance at life than any other people in the history of mankind.

We are told the best path to peace and happiness is through greater tolerance of those who outright seek our destruction. So we have the great blending of multiculturalism, of situational ethics, and a judging of events based solely upon what is the best outcome – for the individual. No longer is there a clear concept of what is right and of wrong. Every situation is judged based upon how it affects us and gives rise to the moral relativism of this depraved day.

Despite having clear technological superiority and a wealth of world class engines of war, we no longer even prevail at war. We no longer prevail because the very concept of war has been subverted and re-cast into a presumed kinder and gentler mindset. Sherman wrote, ‘war is hell.’ This is it should be and so awful to comprehend as to be rightfully avoided at almost any cost. Yet we carve out areas of refuge for our nation’s enemies, areas that cannot be bombed, we avoid civilian casualties to the point of absurdity and I will remark that it is sad to see a hospital or school destroyed by war’s awful face – so our enemies play with that theme and co-locate their arsenals of war within or adjacent to these protected locations secure in the knowledge of their safety.

Sherman knew much of the art of war and from whence come the resources with which to wage war. Each thinking citizen should be familiar with the General’s letter to the mayor of Atlanta, Georgia but of course such cannot be taught in our schools. It is more important to learn about Martin Luther King than one of the men that made his life possible. My father’s generation prosecuted a world war in six years and we cannot prevail in the mid east after a decade of struggle. How that generation must be laughing.

From whence come the mighty engines of war? From whence are vast armies raised? How are those armies fed and clothed? The short answer that General Sherman knew so well – is that these things arise from the civilian population, hence his sack of Atlanta. A thinking man might ponder why there was no extended guerilla war after the fall of the South, or after WWII? The reason is simple; Johnny Rebel and his kinfolks could no longer wage war. Their people were totally demoralized, their industry and their farms destroyed, and army increasingly ill equipped and poorly manned. Likewise for the Germans, the Italians, and the Japanese. The civilian populations of those nations were forced to see war’s hard face up close and personal and before long they were no longer interested in war. They were done with war, used up and burned out. I submit, gentle reader, that this country will never again win at war so long as we carve out areas of safety for our enemy, when we fear ‘world opinion’ and fail to take war directly to the civilian population.

Following the US Civil War a new profession came into being, that of the professional politician. I define a professional politician as one who is elected to the same office for more than two terms. Makes no difference whether the elected are town marshals or high sheriffs, mayors or judges, representatives or senators. Once a person runs for the same office more than two times, that person’s interests become focused more upon being re-elected in succeeding terms than in working sincerely for the people. That person has become a ‘professional politician.’ The problem with this exalted class is that having achieved a place at the trough of governmental largess, they will tell any lie, vote any concession, and subvert their office – all in the attempt to be re-elected and remain well fed at that easy trough of the public weal.

Government exists because of taxation. The more tax revenue, the more government. Governments create laws and as governments become wealthier they promulgate more laws. As laws proliferate, our freedom decreases. Controlling taxation is the key to reducing governmental meddling with our private lives. Do you realize, that there is no longer any private property in the United States of America? I own my house, you respond indignantly. Do you really? If you have a mortgage you do not ‘own’ your house. You rent it from the mortgage holder. If you have real estate anywhere in the US it falls within a taxation district. If you think you own that house and are free from the nose of a banker hanging over your fence, try not paying your property taxes and see how long you ‘own’ that house. You in fact, only lease that house from a taxation district. And you must pay and pay and pay over and over again for the privilege of maintaining that lease. This is but one way local government grows fat. A really fair system of property taxation would see a tax levy only when the property changes hands. The concept of repeatedly taxing the same item of property should be really abhorrent to each property owner. So how otherwise could we pay for the high Sheriff and his deputies, the judge and his court? The same way in that I propose property to be taxed. By sales taxes on ‘new items’ not used items, and not repetitively on the same item held by the same ‘owner.’ Think this might shrink local and municipal government?

So what about the federal government? There is a portion of the Internal Revenue ‘Service’ that has as it’s mission, ‘to borrow the money the government needs to operate.’ If that is not a clarion call to wake up, you must be dead. Our federal government is bankrupt. It can only pay interest on the loans that enable its operation by the clever creation of fiat money that is backed by the supposed ‘full faith and credit of the US Government,’ whatever that is. Remember ‘quantitative easing? A big term that means that the government is going to print more money that it can back with capital or commodity. What a neat invention to pay interest on the debt. What a neat invention to make the dollar in your pocket worth less. Any idea what a pre-1964 quarter is worth for its silver content? Several dollars I respond. This folks is the real cost of inflation. It erodes your savings to the point of making savings other than in the form of a commodity foolish. This country really needs a balanced budget amendment and it needs it right now. You and I cannot operate our lives or our businesses by repetitively making less than we spend. Think you our government an exception? There will come a day of reckoning I promise, and with that day, will also come great crying and gnashing of teeth.

We need a much more limited federal government and that government needs finances to exist. There is nothing fair about the existing progressive tax schedule. My vote counts the same as yours so why should I have to pay more for an equal share of government – because the wealthy are a fraction of the electorate and hence an easy target for repressive taxation. The only fair tax is a consumer tax. If you purchase an item, pay a sales tax and as we all ‘use’ the federal government for protection from foreign foe and the like, each should pay a flat tax of no more that 10% of our annual income in addition to the sales tax. This is a generous amount of funding – and adequate when the federal government can only operate from a balanced budget. Just imagine a federal government with no department of education, a reduced department of agriculture, no department of health and human services, a government stripped of aid to farmers and free from the burden of SNAP payment; a government much like it was before WWI. And while we’re at it, why not rename the Department of Defense back to what it used to be when we called a spade a spade, the Department of War. So informed citizens, can you name the federal departments deemed necessary in the Constitution? I’ll give you a hint, there were only four.

I submit a few things: term limits of office, local tax reform, and reasonable federal sales tax coupled with a scheme of flat and equal taxation would re-invent and re-invigorate this country. We would become less entangled in foreign war because with a government that operates within a balanced budget, war for the most part is too expensive especially the so called ‘small wars.’ We would once again learn to stand on our own feet, self reliant, and independent from governmental meddling in our private lives.

The illuminati of power and cosmetics industry are alive and well in our society. Both blow a subtle form of smoke in attempt to obfuscate the obvious. Both sell an impossible and unsupportable idea. Slick advertising has convinced women they look better with cosmetics and so they spend hours and hours each day, carefully applying paint and other things I don’t even want to know about, early in the mornings only to remove it at night. What man amongst us can’t spot a fake eyelash, a fake fingernail, a blond head of hair with black roots? Women, ask your men what they really think about such apparent fakery.

What man (or woman) amongst us cannot spot a government on the path to sure and certain destruction? If that is so, what does it say of us if we do nothing while the ship of state sails right on over the edge to destruction? A wise political philosopher once observed that ‘every people have the government they deserve.’ And so we do.

Our overloaded ship of state is sailing straight into stormy weather and troubled seas. The November elections can turn the helm. Now indeed is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

Panhandle Rancher



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