The Two Party Political System

I was listening to a local radio talk show host and the subject of the 21016 Presidential election came up. He took a call and was asked the question who he was going to vote for and he answered “Probably Gary Johnson.”

I scoffed at the idea.

Then I started thinking about why I discounted this very intelligent man’s choice. Well – the reason is pretty simple and we all know it: Votes going for the Libertarian Party are votes taken from the Republican Party thus it favors Hillary Clinton. I firmly believe this to be true and also firmly believe our two party system is broken – or at least highly damaged. With that said – I understand why he is looking at Gary Johnson.


The political system in Washington is corrupt beyond measure. Politicians all say similar things such as “We must improve education” and “We need to reduce the national debt” – yet they accomplish quite the opposite. Donald Trump proclaims he will accomplish so much that you and I would likely agree. Here is the problem: It is not up to him. He cannot simply order a wall to be built between Mexico and the United States. He cannot simply say “No Muslims allowed to enter the United States.” So much of the President’s powers are at the mercy – or at the approval – or Congress. 

Feel better? I don’t.

This Republican-controlled Congress was voted in the get things done and stand up against the Obama regime. They have been anemic at best. The corruption and empty promises surround any real accomplishments. 

President Hillary Clinton? Seems just as Obama has been able to accomplish numerous objectives with Congress she would likely be able to do the same. Damaging. 

Back to the two-party system. It could work. I don’t believe even a viable third party would make a difference with the state of Washington today. Fundamental change has to take place and I just don’t see it happening. 



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