The Coming American Reformation


It’s coming. Like dark clouds off in the distance slowly moving across the horizon. Flashes of light signal the impending danger along with deep growling booms. There’s a storm coming. Everyone knows it.

The exact trigger is unknown. The circumstances which cause the commonly referred “SHTF” to occur is somewhat unimportant. The precise conditions which will exist cannot be determined but they can be somewhat predicted. What will the conditions of the American Reformation be like? Good topic for future article.

The American Reformation is already underway and has been for some time. How much longer before conditions exist much like what is read about in “prepper fiction” and discussed on internet forums? Hard to say.  We have been on a slow and steady decline for years and now the degrading of America is accelerating with each passing day. Things are getting worse.

Over the coming weeks and months a discussion regarding The American Reformation will continue. We will explore things such as:

  • How did we arrive at this point?
  • Becoming the “Gray Man”
  • Steps to Preparing
  • The economic impact
  • Networking for the American Reformation
  • Involvement of Military and law enforcement
  • Critical skills and training
  • Who is the enemy?
  • and more

It is important to understand this is a serious turning point. I would be amiss if I didn’t mention that discussing some of these topics potentially could attract unwanted attention. No doubt from my various endeavors attention is already there.  If things go the way I fear I’ll keep going as long as possible. It is important to get this information out there. It is important that each and every one of you do your part not only for yourself – but for your family and people you care for. Bring people into your circle. Network with others.  Get serious. Build a team……now.


The Population During the American Reformation

While there are theories as to what will happen when it all comes crashing down many believe we are in for a 2nd civil war or another American revolution. What is coming will be a combination of both.

This country is made up primarily of four different groups – Patriots, Loyalists, the Undecided, and the Oblivious. Author Glen Tate coined these terms while describing the American population in his book series 299 Days. The events which will make up the American Reformation will involve these four groups.

Patriots – Patriots are those who believe in the Constitution and the founding principles which this country was created.  They believe that the United States is more than a country – it’s an idea. Freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility. Patriots are willing to stand up for what they believe in. Most Patriots are Christians. The United States is made up of only about 5% of Patriots.

Loyalists – Loyalists are those who depend on and are loyal to government. They believe big government has a responsibility to take care of the people rather than people being responsible for themselves. The Constitution is often considered outdated by Loyalists. Loyalists make up close to 10-15% of the population.

Undecided – These folks don’t really care about politics. They often sit back and watch the show and just go along with whatever happens regardless of how they personally feel about an issue. This group represents the majority of the populace. The Undecided make up 50%-60% of the population.

Oblivious – The Oblivious are those who care more about what is on TV and when the latest cell phone will be released than their own country. The oblivious range from young to old with varying distractions keeping them preoccupied. Most criminals and those with opportunist criminal intent are in this group. Ignorance runs wild through this segment of the population. Go to your local Wal-Mart to discover the very definition of “oblivious”. They make up approx 20-25% of the country.

The coming war – and yes it will be a war – will include multiple sides made up of these four groups. Patriots will be targeted by the government – and Loyalists. The Undecided will often go for whatever side is winning – or makes things the easiest. The Oblivious will only care if their modern conveniences and precious caffe’ lattes are interrupted – or if there are opportunities to take advantage of. The Oblivious are extremely dangerous.


It does not take much imagination to see these four groups in today’s society.  Liberal’s are Loyalists while Conservatives and Tea Party members are Patriots. A growing segment of those receiving entitlements such as food stamps and welfare are the Oblivious. The Undecided? Most everyone I meet are part of this group. They pay little attention to politics and largely feel voting – whether for local, state or national – is a waste of time. They can however be convinced with facts and logic to become Patriots – or Loyalists when using fantasy and emotion.

While this piece may not contain any substantive “how to” information it is important to get an understanding who will be involved. Consider your friends, family, co-workers – what group do they fall into? Can you pull those who are Undecided away from the Dark Side to the Light?

Up next……”Conditions During the American Reformation“.












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