Site Update / Changing Email Subscription Service

I finally was able to get most of the changes implemented although in a little different manner than planned. No matter……..

Here are the most recent changes:

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Blog Subscriptions: Many of you have subscribed and receive emails whenever a new post goes up. I have been using the same company to deliver these emails for quite some time and it is not cheap. There are reasons to use a fee-based service that I just do not take advantage of thus I have decided to end my agreement with them and start using a free service.

If you are interested in receiving notice whenever a new post goes live simply fill out the form below.

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Projects: There is a section called “Projects”  at the top of the page towards the left. Originally this was to be an entire section about halfway down the page but some software restrictions prevented this. Clicking on Projects will bring to you to a new area which will include a variety of – you guessed it – “projects.” There are just a few available right now and others will be added periodically in the future.

Some projects have been completed while others are in process. As progress is made the specific Project page will be updated. Some will be very simple and some will be fairly complex. Most of these projects will be my own while others may come from readers or online video’s.

Check back often to see if new additions have been added. Want to have your own project added to the mix? Email it in to emergencycd at gmail dot com.

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Galleries: Another area available via a tab at the top of the site is “Gallery.” These are basically collections of pictures related to things like guns, gardening, and even my dogs. BTW – “Jake and Bella” is the only gallery currently filled with pictures. Others are under development.

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SiteLock: I have contracted with SiteLock Secure to ensure that this website remains virus free and totally secure. There is a live status indicator on the right sidebar.

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Now Trending: Across the very top of the website is a scrolling marquee of text with a few articles from specific categories. Thought it looked pretty cool.

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Additional Pages: If you have never checked them out there are additional pages of information available by clicking on links across the top of the home page. These include “Adventure”, “Prepare”, and “Core Beliefs” among others. I have never posted any of these as articles so many may have never seen them.

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Similar to my old website I will be adding a database of downloadable content. This will be a massive collection of files including books, manuals, guides, video’, and more. All will be hosted on a different server so that downloading and accessing these files will not affect the website’s performance at all. Target completion date is November 15th.

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I anticipate will take a more serious turn towards the unpredictable times ahead. Doom and gloom? No. Just prudent preparedness for potentially changing and challenging times ahead due to increasingly volatile societal and political conditions. Whew….say that 10 times.

Take care all –


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Want to help support what we do here at Follow any link from this website to Amazon, make a purchase, and we receive a small commision at no additional cost to you. Zero. Nada.

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