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Just a reminder to check out the Projects section of the site. I will announce additions and updates to different projects every so often. I’ve got some good stuff planned coming up.

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I just received word that Emergency Essentials is having a HUGE sale in October on Mountain House and their own in-house brand freeze dried foods. Discounts are up to 50% off with an average of over 30%. This sale will go throughout the month of October. Passing this on now so if interested in taking advantage finances can be planned. Myself? I am trying to shore up my food storage by year end and this is going to help. Remember – MH Chili Mac is awesome!


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RE: Trump/Killary Debate –  Was disappointed he was not more concise with his answers. He did not take the time to prepare. Trump really needs to emphasize that he is not a regular politician and point out every time she twists facts, manipulates information, and spins – “Well there you go again Hillary – doing what politicians have been doing for decades. Now – here’s the truth…..”

If he would do that it would appeal to those tired of the same old political Washington rhetoric. It didn’t help the moderator was obviously biased.

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I have some things coming up that will take me “off grid“. When this happens I will have limited Internet access so will likely schedule a few reposts and be slow in responding to comments and emails.

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Couple hunting trips scheduled. Can’t wait. Not much like getting out in the woods and enjoying nature. Great thing is my 13 year old boy will be with me. Hopefully he gets his first deer this season.

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Emergency Funds are an important thing to have. Author Dave Ramsey suggests an emergency fund of $1000 as an initial goal to cover small emergencies. Next up is 3-6 months worth of expenses. When you think about it there is a higher likelihood of a car breaking down or even unemployment than a complete economic collapse. Cash in the bank could be more important and valuable than guns in the safe(though they can be quickly turned to cash).

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The 3 kayaks I bought a few months ago is one of the best investments I have ever made. Less than $600 spent the family is able to utilize the local waterways and have a very enjoyable time. I highly recommend trying it out for yourself.



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