From the Desk of John Rourke – January 3rd, 2017


17 days until Obama is out of office.

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I’ve started working on a post to remind people that there are lots of reasons to continue to prepared efforts – food storage, security, defense, gardening, bug out plans, fuel storage, bug in plans, etc. Well here’s one: Kim Jung Un in North Korea is prepping to test an ICBM in their continuing nuclear armament efforts.

Let’s remember North Korea has two satellites orbiting the planet and passes over the United States. What if they contain nuclear weapons?

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Last couple weeks been going through serious organization efforts. Still a ways to go. Way too much clutter and saving EVERYTHING. A lot of people do Spring Cleaning well guess we are doing Winter Cleaning. Old clothes heading to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Misc supplies have been placed into storage unit until retreat shed is complete. This is freeing up some serious space. Firearms and all things related to firearms getting a place. Purchased another metal gun cabinet – a Stack On 10 gun. Will get an actual safe at some point.

Making headway is better than going backwards.

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Added my 2017 Goals & Objects to the Projects page.

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