2017 Goals & Objectives


What follows is my 2017 Goals & Objectives and it will be updated periodically throughout the year. Most all of these are related to preparedness in some way including personal health and financial stuff. The format is borrowed heavily from Ryan over at TotalSurvivalist.com. He’s been doing the “New Years Resolution” thing for a number of years.

He we go…….

Guns, Ammo, and Related Skills:

Training – Max Velocity Tactical – Combat Rifle Skills – looking at attending this class or something similar.  Currently  this class is being held in WV towards end of April. Anyone want to join me?

Training – Hit the range at least once per month

Supplies – Reach the following ammunition storage levels:

.223/5.56(10,000)      9mm(4,000)      45ACP(1,000)      7.62×39(1500)

Supplies – Reach the following magazine levels:

AR/M4(60 30-rd’s)      XD9(6)      1911(15)      PMR30(5)      92F(6 15-rds)     AK(10 30-rds)


Preparedness Supplies/Projects:

Solar – complete solar refrigeration project

Complete electronic preparedness library

Improve tool supply and organize

Relocate most of the supplies to retreat

Place Operational Cache’s in two locations

Fuel – purchase 5 metal gas cans and fill

Complete bug out trailer

Purchase rechargeable batteries for all flashlights/radio’s



Ham Radio – obtain licence




Add 24 ounces of silver via Silver Eagles

Take advantage of silver prices should they drop below $14/ounce

Add $2000 to Emergency Fund



Enter Gold’s Gym 12-week Challenge and compete locally.

Drop weight down to at least 185 pounds.



Take family hiking on local mountain.

Take advantage of local river and kayak frequently.

Mountain bike local trails starting in Spring.

Get back in the church.



Here’s to 2017! Let it be a great one!