From the Desk of John Rourke – February 16th, 2017


The subject of secondary income streams is often a hot topic. In a volatile economy where the median income today is just approaching that which it was in the 50’s – preparing for financial loss is prudent.  Since starting ModernSurvivalOnline back in 2010 income via advertising and affiliate sales has ranged from nothing to like having a part-time job(pretty much what it was). I sold MSO over a year ago after being totally burnt out and really not sure where to take it. The desire to express my opinions on matters and participate in a community of like-minded folks never changed – thus this website.

As I evaluate my own life and goals at 47 years old I want more. Worked at the same place for 19 years. Good pay and good benefits along with a decent amount of freedom I cannot complain much. Well – maybe a little. It is really not what I want to do. The kids are getting older, I’m getting grayer, and if a change is going to be made time is running short.

This leads me to now – and I mean right now. While I cannot afford to just up and quit my job and become a Chippendale dancer(though they keep calling) I can pursue that which I really enjoy. If I could snap my fingers and find myself making a living doing something it would be internet marketing & business. I just flat-out enjoy it.

What this means is an expansion of this website – as well as others. Beyond possible monetary gains expanding the community and reaching out to more people would be fantastic. Don’t expect anything major right away. Hey – if I had never written this you’d hardly notice.

The one negative I expect to hear and I can understand is venturing out into social media more. It is required to reach my goals and is certainly the opposite of “going gray“. At this point my existence is well beyond “known”.  If I am to try to make a difference in a movement to take back this country and spread the word of freedom, patriotism, and preparedness gray likely isn’t likely the right color.

So – good – no GREAT things are planned upcoming. Stay tuned.


There are many reasons why so many love their Kindle and Amazon Fire tablets. One huge advantage is you could literally go years without every buying a book to read as there are tons of free eBooks available. Don’t have a Kindle or Fire? No problem. There are apps that can be installed on most any cell phone or computer for free. No excuses!

Today’s Freebies

A Comprehensive Guide to Hydroponics

Growing Herbs

How to Dry Herbs

Traveled Far: A Collection of Hiking Adventures

Grow Healthy & Tasty Tomato’s

NOTE: If you see a free Kindle book that you’re interested in get it now. Prices change often and there is no way to tell how long the book will remain free. Before purchasing a free Kindle book on Amazon make certain the book is still free by making sure the price is $0.00. If it lists a price or says “read for free” or has a price for prime members the book is not free anymore.



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