The Coming American Reformation: Going Gray


Many believe that the time to be publicly vocal about the assault on our freedoms and rights is over due to potential repercussions. The premise of going silent – or at a minimum shading activities and intent – is called “Going Gray”.

Going Gray can be used in a variety of situations from office parties to cookouts where someone does not want to attract attention to themselves. Depending upon the political environment those who stand out and are vocal can be targeted by the opposition. Due to this dangerous potential situation blending in and attracting no attention is desired. For the purpose of this post the premise revolves around going gray so as not to attract attention to oneself due to political and governmental strife and potential repercussions during the American Reformation.


This country is made up primarily of four different groups – Patriots, Loyalists, the Undecided, and the Oblivious. Author Glen Tate coined these terms while describing the American population in his book series 299 Days. The events which will make up the American Reformation will involve these four groups.

Patriots – Patriots are those who believe in the Constitution and the founding principles which this country was created.  They believe that the United States is more than a country – it’s an idea. Freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility. Patriots are willing to stand up for what they believe in. Most Patriots are Christians. The United States is made up of only about 5% of Patriots.

Loyalists – Loyalists are those who depend on and are loyal to government. They believe big government has a responsibility to take care of the people rather than people being responsible for themselves. The Constitution is often considered outdated by Loyalists. Loyalists make up close to 10-15% of the population.

Undecided – These folks don’t really care about politics. They often sit back and watch the show and just go along with whatever happens regardless of how they personally feel about an issue. This group represents the majority of the populace. The Undecided make up 50%-60% of the population.

Oblivious – The Oblivious are those who care more about what is on TV and when the latest cell phone will be released than their own country. The oblivious range from young to old with varying distractions keeping them preoccupied. Most criminals and those with opportunist criminal intent are in this group. Ignorance runs wild through this segment of the population. Go to your local Wal-Mart to discover the very definition of “oblivious”. They make up approx 20-25% of the country.

The coming war – and yes it will be a war – will include multiple sides made up of these four groups. Patriots will be targeted by the government – and Loyalists. The Undecided will often go for whatever side is winning – or makes things the easiest. The Oblivious will only care if their modern conveniences and precious caffe’ lattes are interrupted – or if there are opportunities to take advantage of. The Oblivious are extremely dangerous.

How do people who don’t know you – know you?

Sit in the food court at any large public mall and see what you see. Watch people as the walk by and carry on about their business. Can you tell which ones are ex-military? How about those that are more educated? Less educated? Which ones do you think are carrying concealed? Which ones appear to hold low morals and which ones high? Can you pick out the criminals?

The exercise above requires profiling. The mainstream media and Liberal politicians would have you believe that profiling is an evil discriminating practice. In reality profiling is completely logical and we all do it every day. You see a man limping it is a logical conclusion that he is injured or handicapped in some way.  You see a guy with neck tattoo’s, a bandana around his head, wearing an oversized jacket and pants along with sunglasses indoors – logic would dictate a high probability he has a criminal background and low morals. The same can be done to you.

Do you wear shirts with pro-Constitution sayings? When you sit down do you adjust your holster? Car have an old Ted Cruz bumper sticker? How you carry yourself and even what you wear tells people a lot about you.

How many people know you have firearms and shoot? Be honest.

Simply having an American flag in front of your house could get you labeled as a “Patriot” and “Tea Bagger”.

Facebook is probably one of the most common ways that your political beliefs can be found out. Posting political meme’s or even Liking certain posts can alert others to what side of an issue you’re on.

Of course the most obvious way that others can find out about you is through conversation.

“Loose lips sink ships.”



Steps to blending in – and “going gray”.

  • Mannerism and Personality.  The method by which the gray man conducts himself can provide an avenue to blend in and not draw attention. A couple of people carrying on a conversation about politics and one grabs your arm and asks your opinion – “Man I don’t know – I really don’t pay attention to that stuff” would be an appropriate answer. In all reality the gray man will be very well versed in the subject matter. The mouth must stay shut so as to appear clueless or at least disinterested. The Gray Man will not appear overly confident nor dominating. Remember – the gray man is “just some guy/women that works in the corner office.”
  • Clothing. Clothing should blend in to what most people wear and not stand out. Dressing in tactical cargo pants and an M65 jacket does nothing but scream – “GUN OWNER!” to the Loyalists. No shirts with patriotic sayings such as “Don’t Tread on Me” or images of the American flag. Not all military style clothing is bad. Walk across any college campus and you will see plenty of military-looking backpacks.
  • Purchasing Preparedness Supplies. Purchases of survival equipment and guns/ammunition must be done “off the books”. This means no electronic trail. If you happen to be purchasing a 7.5″ pistol upper at a local gun store no credit or debit card use. Cash only. Don’t have massive amounts of freeze-dried food or ammunition delivered to your house. Not only might neighbors see but no doubt the delivery man will know what you are receiving. Guns and ammunition purchases should be made via cash and private sales. While this may seem paranoid today at some point governmental surveillance may head in a direction to create lists of “Patriots” that engage in such activities.
  • Vehicles. No bumper stickers stating “Hillary for Prison” or “The Original Welfare: Jobs” allowed. These identify the driver as a possible Patriot and certainly NOT a Loyalist. Oh – do not drive some big 4×4 with a 6″ lift kit that screams “FREEDOM!!!” Drive a plain Jane car that does not attract attention.
  • Storage of Supplies. Supplies should be hidden from prying eyes. Having your garage open and your son’s best friend walk in and see guns, ammunition, and cases of Mountain House freeze-dried food all over invites talk. While the son’s friend may not be the source of any danger when he talks to his buddy’s later and tell’s them “Man – you won’t believe what Jonny’s dad has!!” – the cat will be out of the bag.
  • Caution on Social Media. Posting Conservative and Patriotic views on social media pretty much tells anyone who see’s it who you are and what you believe in. During the American Reformation this is not something that will provide positive results. There is zero doubt that government agencies use social media to gather information on groups they wish to identify. Friends on Facebook with any Loyalists? Ever heard of the governments “see something.say something” initiative? This is basically an anti-terrorism program to get American citizens to spy on each other. While the concept is fairly easy to understand where will the line be drawn – and crossed?
  • Blend in – economically and financially. If an area is being hit with degrading economic conditions appearing to be untouched could paint a target on your back. Where others may be struggling financially to provide for themselves and family – blending in and appearing to be in similar circumstances is important to being gray and unnoticed. Having a steak cookout while neighbors are eating rice and beans would certainly bring some unwanted attention.



Being the Gray Man and “going gray” does not mean giving up, not fighting, and being complacent. Not even close. The coming American Reformation – which many including myself believe we are in the beginning stages – will involve divisions of the population and they will most certainly will be at odds with each other. Whether exposed to violence due to your beliefs and the side which you stand – or some type of repercussions –  if you are to stay in the fight for many environments going gray is ideal.

How can you fight in the American Reformation and still remain gray?

Stay tuned……











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