From the Desk of John Rourke – December 22nd, 2016


Over on my Instagram page a lively discussion about the Electoral College versus popular vote has been going on all day. I used to be a believer in using the popular vote – until I understood what could result. Although there is a lot of misinformation regarding how many counties Trump won versus Hillary – the numbers do not lie:

Trump: 2,623          Hillary: 489

When you dig down into the numbers deeper it is truly telling. Remove the top 100 most populated counties and Trump won the EC by an even larger margin AND  the popular vote by close to 15 million votes. We already know the pundits and pollsters didn’t have it close – but it is really “worse” then they thought.

The following picture is the exact reason why we have the Electoral College. Blue – Hillary counties  Red – Trump


Does the above map look like Hillary won the election?

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I did a lot of my Christmas shopping online this year and so far extremely pleased. Shipping was fast with tracking all the way. One item had to be sent back and this was not an issue. Amazon was used for most things and as always they do a great job. I also have been shopping on eBay recently and found some decent deals.

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My knife collection has been expanding more lately. This all started when Chris(13 year old) decided he wanted to be a “country boy” – which is fine by me. He started collecting himself especially after Panhandle Rancher gave him one. I am eyeing a Tops Pathfinder Knife right now. Looks awesome but really would like to see one up close before I shell out the money. Although – the knives I have bought from GearBest have been great.


CIMA Knife Table Top Review

REVIEW: HX Outdoors Survival Knife

Of the two the CIMA is my favorite.

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3 days to go!!!!!


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