From the Desk of John Rourke – December 15th, 2016


When considering firearms for survival & preparedness – and the American Reformation – the shotgun is not often highly rated. Maybe they are just not as exciting as the latest AR/Glock/1911. One thing they are is incredibly versatile. Slugs can reach out and say “Hi!” or bust through a barrier and provide an introduction. Buckshot can send a devastating barrage of multiple projectiles downrange with a forgiving margin of accuracy. Birdshot can take small game……and so on.


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Sean Connery – best Bond ever!

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It is becoming obvious that we live in a very different world with threats that just a few decades ago could not have been imagined. Cyberwarfare is a serious matter that is not often considered. With the United States importing so much of its technology – including military and infrastructure – embedded malware and viruses could exist at this very moment and we don’t even know it.



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