From the Desk of John Rourke – June 26th, 2017


I had mentioned that last week had been super busy. Well, it continued into the weekend. All good but very busy. Had planned a kayak trip Sunday morning but still getting over this sickness that has been running through the house.

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While so many celebrities have decided to become political and call out segments of the population as racists, homophobes, inhuman, anti-children, anti-old people, and just simply mean and stupid there are a few things that can be done in recourse.

First- as a consumer do NOT give them or any of their projects your money. They get paid millions of dollars to sit atop their hypocritical throne. Spending money on their movies and other projects is supporting them. I won’t do it.

Second – spread the word to whom these people are. Far too many like-minded folks have no idea some of the ridiculous things these celebrities have said about YOU.

Lastly – that is really what you need to understand. It is personal. They are talking about YOU. Will Smith said of Trump supporters that you are “collectively insane”. Robert De Niro, while saying Hillary Clinton has “earned her right to be President” refers to Trump supporters as “crazy”. There are many more who state that anyone voting for Trump – or for ANYONE in the Republican Party is a racist and a fascist. The bottom line is if you do not believe what they believe and support who the support, well, your just one of “them”.

So…no more Avenger movies for me. Screw ’em. Likely wasn’t going to ever buy another Madonna CD anyways so no big loss. George Clooney may be a decent actor but I’ll pound sand before funding ANY venture of his. Cher…..nevermind. Jimmy Fallon? No loss there. Adam Baldwin can suck rocks. No Jennifer Lawrence movies for me(so overrated). Arnold Schwarzenegger- true disappointment. No Kerry Washington for me.

There are many more……

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Laid out more mulch this weekend in the garden. Youngest wanted to buy something so I gave him a chore list including the removal of tall grass along the back side of the garden. This is an area I have not used in a couple years and used to have strawberry’s planted there.

Decided to place four additional raised beds in the garden locating them in that back area where Chris cleaned up. Went ahead and built one 2′ x 4′ :

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One of my favorite times of the year – SHARK WEEK – on Discovery Channel is fast approaching.

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As of this writing, it appears my youngest – Chris – has broken his foot while over at his girlfriend’s house. He will be taken to the ortho doctor tomorrow.

FYI – he has broken both arms and his OTHER foot before. Lordy.

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