From the Desk of John Rourke – December 13th, 2016


Watched a pretty good movie on Netflix the other day – Waffle Street. Kind of a “feel good” movie. Worth seeing.

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I am still completing my shed to make it livable. Part of the project is installing a solar-powered LED motion light outside near it. I picked one up on Amazon and it works great. I couldn’t ask for much more considering I paid like $15.00 for it. Great security light. Worth noting my two huskies run by it and do not set it off. It takes a human sized object to activate it.  Check it out HERE.


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Nicholas Cage has got to be one of the worst actors I have ever seen.

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Figured I’d share a few pictures from hunting this past weekend. Although we didn’t see any deer it’s always good to get out in the woods.

Driving to the tree stand in my Jeep about 5:40am:



Son’s Mossberg Patriot while in the tree stand:




My ugly mug trying to stay warm:



Here’s a shot of my and my son’s rifles after we came down from the stand this past Saturday:








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