From the Desk of John Rourke – December 12th, 2016

Chilly weekend!! Heading out to the hunting stand it was just over 20 degrees. We were pretty bundled up and had a few hand warmers. Ended up not being too bad. Unfortunately no deer seen.

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I had ceased contributing to my 401k plan a couple years ago. Obviously in retrospect this was not a good thing to do. It is what it is. I have just put in a request to start contributing again up to maximum company match.

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I can foresee a time when “cash” becomes obsolete and is no longer accepted by certain companies/stores.  Already I see stores saying they will not accept bills larger than $20. I realize this is largely due to having to make change but so what?  Even the Salvation Army has credit card machines at some of their collection stands outside stores.

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I place great importance on SPEED when it comes to a “get home bag”. That means light weight with minimal supplies. Although I have a backpack now I would even consider a minimalist approach using a Maxpedition Versipack or even a smaller pouch just to keep a few items. Short to medium distances do not demand a 100 pound pack.

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Something for you:

A friend of mine lost his mother this year at a cabin they have in Oregon.

I said “That’s sad, I’m sorry for your loss.”

He said “What’s really weird is that his Uncle died in that same cabin earlier this year.”

I said “That’s terrible, I’m sorry for your loss.”

He was quiet for a minute or two and finally I asked him..

“Would you mind if I took my wife to that cabin for a few days?”


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