The best food for bug out bags

I have messed around a lot with different foods for bug out bags, get home kits, and general backpacking. There are advantages and disadvantages to every type. While there is no one food that will fit everyone’s menu and needs I have come to a conclusion:

Freeze dried foods are the best foods for bug out bags.

Here’s why: If someone is bugging out they are likely traveling some distance on foot. Weight is a major factor and that is where freeze dried food really shines. Freeze dried foods are extremely light weight. I can throw in several meal pouches for just a couple poundsThey are also very simple to prepare and are very nutritious. Most of the freeze dried food that I have eaten has tasted no different than regular food although a few samples were on the salty side.

Drawbacks? They require water to reconstitute and prepare. If you live in a desert this could be a serious dilemma as carrying water is quite a task due to its weight. They also do not provide a ton of calories in the smaller pouch-sized packages. For longer term time periods this could be an issue.

MRE’s are another option and not a bad one either. Again – weight is the issue at hand as they are on the heavy side. Sure – a few cans of soup can be thrown in a pack as well as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or twelve but to me freeze dried foods make a lot better choice.

My favorites:

Chili Mac

Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Chicken Fried Rice

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce


Anyone have a favorite they have tried?







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