Electronic Survival Library – opportunity

I have been working on the latest incarnation of my electronic survival library. Using a Kindle Fire 7″ tablet I’ve loaded it with many books, magazines, manuals, guides,PDF’s – and even movies and TV shows. The goal of the project is to put together an electronic information system easily charged via solar and can be used for both reference and entertainment.

So far I’m really pleased with the Kindle. It is full color and handles all the media I have thrown at it. I can load it with a multiple of video files as well as PDF’s. A big advantage over similar devices is its ability to take mini-SD cards.  These small storage devices can holds thousands of books and such. The one I am using now is a 32 gb version though I will likely upgrade to a 64 or 128 gb model.

If interested in the concept right now is the perfect time. Amazon has the same Kindle Fire I am using – and others – on sale. Their Fire 7″ model is only $39.99. What a bargain. At this price it would be worth getting two.

A more detailed description of what I have done and how will be coming in the future.












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