Don’t have an AR?

Seems that AR prices continue to drop. Sub-$500 AR’s that actually work are becoming more and more common from different sources. The days of an AR being a dream purchase are pretty much over. Layaway, financing, and of course saving are options to purchase one of these budget-friendly beasts. often have Bear Creek AR’s for under $500.  I used to have one of Bear Creek’s uppers and it was great. A friend has two of these AR’s and he speaks highly of them.



Del-Ton makes the Del-Ton DT Sport Lite available for as low as $469.99. DPMS’s Sportical is available for around the same price. Anderson makes a very nice looking AR running $499.99.

Even these budget AR’s can be further customized to fit the owner as needed.

There are other great firearms out there and you should get what you can afford. More and more it is looking like that which can be afforded is an AR.

Oh – and with the coming election who knows what will happen to the availability to purchase AR’s in the future.





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