Dismissing The Threat of EMP From North Korea?


While many dismiss North Korea’s ability to bring harm to the United States directly – there are those who believe quite the opposite. There is evidence to suggest that if North Korea has not already placed nuclear warheads within multiple satellites passing over the United States – they could.  Others suggest that an EMP threat exists at a minimum from an offshore container ship launch.

Who is correct? Who is right? Who has all the facts? Well, I don’t know. Article over, right?

Not quite.

As prepper’s we prepare for possibilities. Logic dictates those threats that are most plausible should receive the largest weight in deciding what prep’s to work on. EMP is one of many and in my view moving up the list of possibility.

In a recent article on World Net Daily Michael Maloof, a former senior security policy analyst for the Secretary of Defense and the author of “A Nation Forsaken” – he lays out his belief that North Korea is a dangerous threat to the United States:

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While it is understandable to prioritize economic troubles and personal job loss over a possible EMP threat – to ignore it is just not….recommended.





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