Video: How to Change a Flat Tire


Changing a tire is a skill that everyone should have. Eventually, everyone finds themselves on the side of the road staring at a flat tire and to make matters worse usually wearing some very nice clothes.

Changing Tires: Recommended Supplies

Before we get started it’s a good idea to cover some basic supplies to keep in the car. As prepper’s we plan ahead so a box of the basics in the trunk should be a no brainer.

Supply List:

Although I’m sure most of us have immense common sense let’s get some safety items out of the way. If on the side of the road make sure the vehicle is well off the road as not to expose yourself to passing traffic as the tire is being changed. A road flare or reflector is not a bad idea to alert traffic of your presence.  Lastly do not get under the vehicle for any reason while the car is lifted using a regular car jack. Getting squashed like a pancake will make a bad day worse.

Let’s get to it!!!


There you have it. If you’ve never changed a tire give it a shot now before you’re on your way to the bug out location and end up having to test your abilities. That would be some seriously bad timing.



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