Vehicle Prep: Vgate VS600 OBDII Car Diagnostic Tool

How many freak out when that check engine light comes on? Thoughts of hundreds or thousands of dollars start going through your head or even being stranded. How much will it cost? How long will it take to fix? How will I get to work? Get the kids to school? No fun! While there are auto parts dealers that offer to read check engine codes for a nominal fee or for free – being dependant on their hours, and typically just given a “code” to decipher – well, I’m a control freak and want to check for myself.

Over a year ago I bought the Vgate VS600 code reader from Historically, I’ve been charged upwards of $75 to $100 just for diagnostic service and have been at the mercy of the service department telling me the truth. This all changed after purchasing the Vgate VS600. A half dozen times via numerous vehicles I’ve been able to check codes and take appropriate action and SAVED MONEY every single time. BTW – The Vgate provides a statement as to what the problem is – not just a numeric code which has to be looked up.

Just this past Friday my 2008 Jeep Wrangler had an episode of running rough – and the check engine light came on. It eventually smoothed out and ran normally. I grabbed my code reader and found that cylinder 6 had misfired. After getting home I pulled the spark plug and found it was not in good shape. I purchased 6 spark plugs and swapped them out. Total cost approx. $40. If I had taken the Jeep to a dealership? I don’t even want to think about it.


I have developed a relationship with over the past few years. I order a variety of products from them on a regular basis. I receive frequent emails from my contact there and she sets up special deals – often exclusive to readers. What has gotten me so excited about is the great pricing and often unique selection.

Are there drawbacks buying from The only one I know of are the extended shipping times. Many of these items(but not all) are shipping directly from the country of manufacture – China. Shipping is slower than ordering from a US source however the price is well worth it. While I completely support US made products the vast majority of those items I suggest have no US made alternative. Hopefully, that will change.


All specifications are listed on the Vgate VS600 product page. What is important to know is its compatibility with all vehicles manufactured from 1996 to current that are OBD2 compliant. This includes those made in America, Europe, and Asia. Basically, it covers and works with almost every single vehicle.

This is a great tool and can help out with a mini “vehicle apocalypse”.

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