One Example of the BOB/GHB


All of us have some type of bug out bag or get home bag in our vehicle – right? The video below shows one example with a great description as to what is included and why. This is a minimalist version of what many people put together. Often larger kits are upwards of 40-80 pounds. My preference is a medium sized kit no more than 30 pounds give or take.

There are pros and cons to smaller and larger kits. The most obvious pro’s with smaller kits they are lighter allowing for faster travel on foot and likely attract less attention. Larger kits weigh more thus slowing progress, however, they provide more supplies which could be important.

Everyone has to build their kit for specifics that only they know. Weather, geography, fitness level – these are but a few criteria that should be considered.

On with the video from 21st Century Prepper……….




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