More Thoughts on Canned Goods and Food Storage


Several weeks ago we established that canned goods are safe to eat far past their expiration date thus a great choice for food storage programs. I received an email from someone saying that they felt tremendous pressure to prepare right now and due to their budget just could not afford to stock up on freeze dried food for the long term. This motivated some additional words on the subject.

Every tragic disaster that takes place ultimately causes the question of “What now?” to be asked. More often than not “What are we going to eat?” and”How are we going to get food?” are also asked. This doesn’t have to be in a Third World country as most anyone who has experienced the loss of a job or some other major financial personal SHTF has asked similar questions.


The Food Storage Solution

The answer for most of us is fairly simple – stock up on food……now.

Shopping sales and using coupons can make canned goods very affordable. Discount food stores such as Aldi’s and Save-A-Lot often have incredibly low prices. SAM’s Club offers extra large cans of vegetables at extremely reasonable prices reducing the cost per serving. There are many options for including large quantities of canned food in any food storage program.


“My father and my Uncle Harry were both kids during the great depression so they learned to always have something put up just in case. The only thing we had or could afford is when the A&P had a canned goods sale, which would then go in the “cellar.” Rarely was the safety of the canned goods questioned. If anyone ever questioned the safety, they’d say; “don’t eat it, more fer me.” We’d all just shut up and dig in.”


As the quote above suggests the safety of canned goods are rarely an issue. Lacking dents and bulging the food inside should be completely safe to eat. Something bad such as botulism cannot just appear inside the can once it’s sealed. It would have to not only be present – but also survive the canning process itself. Canned goods are extremely safe.


Food Storage Solution: Canned Goods

Canned goods continue to be a major part of my own food storage program. There is nothing wrong with other options such as freeze dried foods or bulk packed rice, beans, wheat, and pasta. These are all part of my own system but the point needs to be made and understood that canned goods should NOT be considered secondary or a lesser means which to stock up.

A fantastic and effective food storage program can be built around using canned goods.



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