Jericho Episode 6 – 9:02

Here is the sixth of a weekly installment discussing an episode of the popular TV series – Jericho – which aired originally back in 2006. Every Tuesday night we are watching an episode and then will discuss what happens the following day. It can be watched free on Netflix or purchased on VUDU. Jericho is also available on DVD.



Episode 6 starts off with a bang – literally. The missiles seen at the end of the last episode explode high above the United States sending out an EMP that knocks out most all electrical items.  Jake has a run-in with old friend Mitchell Cafferty. Apparently there is bad blood between them. Mitchell causes more trouble as he steals horses from the Green’s family ranch as well as supplies from Gracie’s Store. He’s caught and thrown in jail after taking a beating from Jake.

The history of why Jake left town and the relationship between Mitchell and Jake start to come out. A new character – Jonah Prowse – is introduced and has obviously had a close relationship with Jake in the past. Gray Anderson returns with new information about the attacks.

This episode had a lot of character and story development versus action.



The townspeople are extremely calm since losing all power via the EMP. Not the most realistic portrayal but as an entertainment television show it could not be too dark and dreary. I found it interesting that Halloween was still celebrated. This would have been a huge morale booster for the kids.

The lack of electricity emphasizes the need for alternative lighting and communication method. When Mitchell is busted out of jail there were no walkie-talkies to alert police officers. Yelling was the communication method available. Flashlights, batteries, lanterns, candles, etc would be extremely valuable.

Older vehicles are important commodities as newer vehicle are no longer running.

Good episode. If a remake was done it could be a lot darker – especially on cable. Imagine the number of people that died in the local hospital without the machine that were previously being powered with a generator.

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