An Interview with Prepper Ralph


It’s my honor to present the following written interview with Prepper Ralph. Ralph is extremely active and involved in numerous survival & preparedness related Facebook groups and has a YouTube Channel.  Ralph is a very good friend of mine and even saved my ass performing the Heimlich after I overstuffed my face while eating at a local Cracker Barrel.

Yes – I paid for his lunch.


On with the Interview with Prepper Ralph…..


Can you tell my readers a bit about yourself and your background?

Sure! I’m an EMT  that’s been in the field for 7 years now. Married, and live in South Carolina. Before working EMS, I did plumbing, welding, and pipefitting.


What motivated you’re interested in preparedness?

I grew up hunting and fishing. Was a Scout as a kid and have always enjoyed the shooting sports and camping. Eventually, when, I became an EMT, I realized after an emergency call that no one was really prepared for anything. It all leads to a natural progression as I see it, with the end result being a prepper. I would say I was in the mindset for years before ever actually saying I was a prepper.


Is there something – some events or situation – that you are specifically preparing for?

Not really. Every day there are storms, power outages, disease, and accidents. SHTF can happen at any time to anyone. I could lose my job, get sick, or my wife could. Those food stores sure would come in handy on a limited budget. There’s also the ever-present civil unrest that’s been happening as a result of the divisions in this country.


What significance does politics play when it comes to preparedness?

For me, not as much as some others. I know folks that got into it because of this or that candidate. Regardless who is in office, you can always face personal disaster. With that said, I believe that the Obama administration was a leading push towards preparedness for many people. The possibility of another Clinton administration pushed people as well. Now Trump is causing many Libs and Dems to look into securing their future.


What level of importance do you place on firearms when it comes to preparedness?

I’m a gun fan. I’ve been around them since I was a kid and am an AVID 2A supporter. For me, I see guns as a tool. You need to protect yourself and family first and foremost. with your family protected from danger, you can focus on shelter. With shelter, you can stockpile food and water. Your weapons will be essential to protecting your supplies and yourself in the future. I’m a big advocate for lady shooters and getting your kids involved as well.


Are there any particular items you consider “must haves” for a survival/bug out/get home kit?

Oh yea hahaha… A concealable firearm in at least 9mm. Large bladed knife. BIC lighter and a ferro rod. Tarp, and a water bottle. Water filtration as well. Having a compass, map, and radio wouldn’t hurt either. I’m a minimalist when it comes to a BOB, so I rely more on skill than gear.


Any advice to those on a budget who are trying to prepare?

Don’t panic! Preparedness can be as inexpensive or costly as YOU make it. We grocery shop at Aldi’s. I hunt and fish. The biggest advice I’d say is to not fall for gimmicky gear. Store what you eat normally, and read. A LOT! Reading and research will provide you with a wealth of knowledge that will give you insight to the best routes to take in preparedness on your own terms.


What do you consider to be the Top 5 survival & preparedness categories in order of importance?

Self Defense – you are the reason you are preparing after all






Care you give a prediction on what the next 5 years will look like?

A mess! With the Trump administration taking over, and the Left becoming fanatical in some of their beliefs, I see this nation continuing to divide. You’ll see more Civil Unrest, and overseas I look for another war. If war doesn’t come, I look for an increase in economic strife.


Many of my readers are gun nuts – myself included. Any particular favorites?

I’m not very lucky to be honest. As I said before, guns to me are tools with designated purposes. I love a tight shooting bolt-action. Mine is a Ruger American in .30-06. I like my AR as well in case of social work. Fast shooting and extremely reliable. My Glock 17 is simple and efficient. I could go on. Even my 10/22 has a host of jobs it can perform. So with guns, I like mine to serve a purpose and have a job. Some can do more than one job. Others, not so much.


Any upcoming projects you would like to mention?

Paramedic school is coming so that will take a lot of my time over the next year+. I want to buy a house to be better secured in my dwelling as well as do gardening. I’m also working on the conversion of an ’86 Ford F-150 into an EMP worst-case-scenario-proof mode of transportation.


Check out Prepper Ralph’s YouTube Channel HERE.



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