Ignorance is Truly Bliss


I am writing this sitting in a quaint coffee shop in the town which I live. The young and the old are flocking in…lining up to buy these tiny creations of cake, chocolate, fruit fillings and numerous things I cannot pronounce. The guy behind the counter is metro-sexual to the highest level and I would place him at the opposite end of the man spectrum compared to Si from Duck Dynasty.

Uncle SiYeah….I’m being a bit judgmental as I sit with my Diet Coke and chocolate “torte” in front of me.

I can tell you I feel about as comfortable in this environment as a Trump supporter at a Hillary rally. My son is upstairs getting tutored for Algebra. Figured you were wondering why I was in here.

I’m watching these people. One right after the other. Manicures, pedicures, and perms(not that there’s anything wrong with that). They talk….well….gossip really about who did what to whom and how many times. Each seems to be making a fashion statement and consider the importance of the brand of their purse(both men and women) well over the government’s monetary policy or the number of vets that committed suicide today.

Out front sits a Prius. Is it there? Could it be? Yes! A “Bernie” sticker rides on the back of this car. Fitting.

A guy just walked in wearing skinny jeans and I am fairly certain black fingernail polish. Hmmmm…..

I need a beer.

Of course, they serve wine….no beer.

These people have no clue. Well, I’m generalizing of course but since I’m writing this I’m allowed. The Federal debt is approaching 20 trillion. They have no clue. Over 300,000 babies will be killed this year because it just isn’t convenient to take responsibility. They have no clue. There is a North Korean satellite flying overhead that MAY contain a nuclear weapon that could send us back to the stone age. They have no clue.  I am sitting here armed…..yet somehow this evil gun doesn’t kill them. They have no clue.

What the hell is a torte anyways? Seems like a piece of cake to me.

Ignorance is bliss.


NOTE: This post was previously published on 1776PatriotUSA.com

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