The most overused term in firearms….”tactical”

Every time I turn around I see the word “tactical”.

Tactical pens. Tactical pants. Tactical socks. Tactical shoes. Tactical belts. Tactical knives. Tactical flashlights. Tactical backpacks. Tactical gloves. Tactical watches. Tactical scissors. Tactical hats. Tactical patches. Tactical handcuffs. Tactical wallets. Tactical lunch boxes. Tactical money clips. Tactical ear plugs.

……and yes….even Tactical Bacon.

Since Obummer got into office everything related to firearms has become popular. Although he wishes he could disarm every American the reality is he has been the biggest salesman of firearms in history. Along with this “tactical” has become a marketing term stuck in front of almost everything that is even remotely related to guns – or not.

I present to you…..the tactical bottle opener.




My biggest issue with the overuse of “tactical” is far too many people buying products that have tactical in the name and thinking that somehow it is endorsed or related to law enforcement and military. A lot of folks out there are getting ripped off.

Well – I need to go. Have to go try out some tactical toilet paper I just got in.



-The Beast!!-





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