From the Desk of John Rourke – September 19th, 2017


Hurricane Maria Update: Tracking by midday Monday is showing the storm taking a northern turn potential heading towards the Carolina coast – or possibly out to sea or even heading towards New England. At this point, it is too early to tell.

Oh….Maria is now a Catagory 5 hurricane.

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Next Week….maybe: I may be publishing a few “Blast’s From the Past” next week as I have some serious scheduling conflicts going on. With that said I’ll pick some of my favorite posts since 1776 started and republish. The daily “From the Desk of…” may only publish a couple times.

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Evacuation: There is a saying that goes something like this – “Bugging out without a plan means you’re a refugee.” Think about that for awhile. Consider the reason for evacuation – which is what bugging out is. I guess evacuation isn’t “prepper” enough so we call it “bugging out”.

Have a plan. You just never know. Maybe it is to Uncle John’s house

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I just discovered one of my uncles died back in 2010. Having been disconnected with parts of the family I never received the news.

Horse Shoe ~ John Tweedie, 85, died Friday, October 22, 2010 at his residence in Horseshoe, NC.

John “Jack” was born in Boston, MA on November 15, 1925 and was the son of the late John Malden Tweedie and Helen Jane Sawyer Tweedie. He was husband of 63 years to the late Madeline Wilkins who was his childhood sweetheart.

Mr. Tweedie was a Navy Radarman, second class entering at the age of 17 in January 11 of 1943 until February 17, 1946. He received the Purple Heart Medal, the WWII Victory Medal, the American Theater Medal, the European/African Theater Medal-3 stars, the Asiatic/Pacific Theatre Medal and the Good Conduct Medal. He served on the DE 426 Landsdale in Oran, Algiers. His ship was torpedoed by heavy German fighter action and was sunk. Most of the crew escaped. Jack was the last survivor off. All floated in oil-soaked water for four hours. Jack had given up his life preserver to another shipmate who was a poor swimmer. After their rescue, he was transferred to the Pacific, serving on the USS Mayo which was present during the signing of the Japan surrender ceremony.

I remember hearing stories of the sinking of his ship and being in the water. Concerns about sharks were mentioned and filled my imagination as a child. He – among several other adult men in my family – provided me fine examples to look up to.

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Prepping on a Budget – and wasting money.   How many prepper’s out there do not own the firearm they want. AR? AK? Glock? CZ? How many prepper’s out there wish they had a plate carrier and body armor but just can’t spend the cash?

How many prepper’s go out to lunch every day dropping $10-$12, or swing by Starbucks and spend $8 on “coffee”? Budgeting for survival is all about priorities.

Have a Kindle or an Amazon Fire tablet? You could literally go years without ever buying a book to read as there are thousands of free eBooks available. Don’t have a Kindle or Fire? Not a problem. You can download apps for most any cell phone or computer completely FREE! No excuses!

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