From the Desk of John Rourke – July 3rd, 2017

Spent the weekend at my brothers in Georgia. Did quite a bit of shooting especially with my Springfield Operator 1911 45ACP. I am getting closer to fully converting to the 1911 versus striker fire pistols. The reasons would make for another post but I will say that accuracy is just phenomenal. While every single gun I own has the capability of shooting better than I – the Operator does an excellent job providing an opportunity to maximize my abilities.

Here is an 11-12 yard, 7 shot group my brother shot out of my Operator:

1911, 45ACP, group size, accuracy, shooting

7 shots! Excellent. For what it’s worth – this was done shooting Monarch 230 grain FMJ budget rounds.

I also took a few long-range shots(60 yards):

Above: Target in CENTER shot at from 60 yards.


I had a chance to check out his Canik SF Elite which he just purchased. Fantastic pistol. The Canik’s trigger was simply amazing and its accuracy was phenomenal as well. Ergonomics are excellent. Can you tell I liked the SF Elite?

BTW – giveaway winner will be announced later tonight.


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