From the Desk of John Rourke – November 21st, 2017


Well, “Project Cherokee” is officially on the road. While it remains a piece of crap it is now a legal piece of crap with two new tires on the back. The original front tires were HORRIBLE – dry rot, smooth tread that screamed the need to slide across water, and constantly going flat. I threw a couple of Goodyear Wrangler Radials on it for $195. Not bad.  Had a neighbor give me a brand new battery for it. So far it is working though it is slightly underpowered when it comes to CCA.

I tested the 4×4 and it is working as I expected. Since the Cherokee sat for a couple years+ you never know. Preevious owner installed a brand new transfer case about a year before he parked it. Should last. Keeping up with oil usage as well as water. Oil pressure is running high. Thinking of trying a “MMO Clean Out”. Basically, drain the oil down two quarts – and replace it with Marvel Mystery Oil. Run it for a couple days then do a complete oil change. Sludge and “crap” should break free with the lower viscosity. At least that’s the plan.

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Hello All –

I worked with the folks at to get members here 30% OFF on some pretty unique products. Simply follow the link below and use promo code “1776” to get the discount.

The discount ONLY works on the following:

All Wertz Canned Meat
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So – use their search function to search for these brands and take advantage of this special deal. Valid through November 30th.

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There is a case in California where a man went on a killing spree using an AR-15 he built. It is being reported that this was based on an 80% lower and used to skirt around the law as he was not allowed to own firearms. Those of us who have bought 80% lowers – I can see a time in the not too distant future when they will no longer be available. No link as I do not want to improve their Google rank.

Could be wrong.

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Something for you…….

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Today’s Freebies

Gardening: Top 50 Experiments

Bug Out Gardening

How To Preserve Eggs


One Machete, Three Knives

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