From the Desk of John Rourke – May 26th, 2017

Anyone have any experience with ETS Glock magazines? I will be taking my Freedom Ordnance FX-9 to the range this weekend. It uses Glock 17 magazines and looking at options beyond the Glock factory mags.

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The stock market continues it’s upward swing. Good for my 401k, however, a correction is bound to happen. Might be a day, a month, or 5 years – but it will happen.

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An employee of mine was severely burned in a grease fire at his house in the kitchen. I don’t know all the details, however, when you are at home next look around and see where your fire extinguisher is. Although I had one in my kitchen on my refrigerator I moved it to the far wall from the stove and mounted it to the wall. Wife not happy but she will be should there be a fire.

I am considering a second install as well.

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The rain is finally over in my area and the weekend is looking to have some great weather. Planning on some shooting Saturday morning, maybe go see the new Alien movie Friday night – and kayaking Sunday. Have to start getting that adventure back in my life and in my heart and feel alive.

What are you doing? What are your plans? Anything exciting?

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Another celebrity snowflake participating in the demise of this country:

How can someone think in this manner? I don’t get it. An Islamist terrorist – son of Libyan refugees –  kills innocent children at a concert and Katy Perry believes we need to eliminate walls and “just co-exist”. The reality? She lives in a dream world BEHIND walls of both a physical and mental nature. She fails to identify with the harsh realities of the world and understand that there are evil people and evil belief systems that are incompatible with other people and belief systems.

You cannot hug a terrorist into submission. You can put a bullet in their head.


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Have a great weekend everyone. Be safe out there.

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