From the Desk of John Rourke – March 27th, 2017


I’m up way too late writing this but I don’t feel very tired. The morning will come too soon….I know.

As a member of a FB survival & preparedness group I posted a link to my article that started the American Reformation series. I was pleased that there were several very positive comments about it…and then it happened. Some troll had to attack the entire article because I brought up religion.

The individual stated that bringing up religion related to Patriots is “un-American”. We had a fairly respectful exchange where I tried to tell him he can believe what he wanted and have a nice day but he kept it going. As it stands right now I have nothing else to say on the matter so unless he gets personal I’ll leave what I’ve said to stand on its own.

Hey – if the guy doesn’t want to believe in any God or all the God’s good for him. What just grates my bones and this happens all the time is when someone brings up religion or says “Merry Christmas” and some segment of the atheist population FREAK OUT. They go out of their way to interfere. Interesting I will visit the social media accounts of some of these assclowns and I don’t see Christians and Jews blowing up their feed trying to convert them. No – I don’t see Christians trolling their accounts calling them names and being rude. Maybe it happens. I’ve never seen it.

Understand – I’m not saying that all that do not believe in a God do this crap. A small segment of the population does. Anyways – I don’t go out of my way to troll anyone. I state my piece and move on. Generally for those that troll – here, on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook I just block them before it gets very far. Time is valuable and I don’t have it to waste.

Hope everyone’s week is fantastic!!!


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