From the Desk of John Rourke – February 7th, 2017


UPDATE ON SON’S JOB: I went and talked to the owner of the local franchise that he worked at. I introduced himself and explained what happened. He appeared puzzled but guarded to admit he really didn’t know what happened. He said he would look into it by talking to the manager that fired Jonathan. I mentioned that he must trust this guy quite a bit. He said he did and found him to be honest. I told him that if he told the same story that I am telling then he is honest.

Jonathan received a phone call the next day and the manager wanted to talk to him. Jonathan went by and the manager basically asked what happened and why he was so late. Obviously this should have been done previously however I think the owner was on him about it. They talked and my son met with the owner the next day – and he worked this passed weekend.

This is just a part time job for a teenager however the circumstances pissed me off. Jonathan told me up front not to go talk to the owner. Well – I couldn’t help it. When I told Jonathan about the meeting he was not happy but accepted my response – “Someday you’ll be a dad and understand.”

I told him if he doesn’t want to work there find something else. We’ll see.

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Maps are something I am seriously lacking. World maps, United States maps. State maps. Local maps.

Consider bugging in or at the retreat and receiving news. Maps with Post-It notes to log information would be very beneficial. Local maps for noting activities such as road blocks, check points, riots, contacts, violence, and any other activities.

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