From the Desk of John Rourke – June 19th, 2017


This year has gone by so fast. Mid-June already. Wow!

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Illinois continues to struggle with budgetary issues putting them in “crisis mode”. An out of control government overspending and overpromising is the cause. It continues across this great country in most every state in one way or another.

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FYI – I have started posting over at again. If you are unfamiliar this was a website I started years ago geared towards older preppers. Over the last 6 months, I have been seeing so much about the challenges of getting older AND prepping that I had to do it. I also had some fellow bloggers tell me I should do it.

So – DONE! My plan is to post twice per week on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Things may change with that schedule. We’ll see. Also, have a lot of updating to do with the site behind the scenes but will take my time with that. 1776 is my main priority.

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Announced this on Facebook yesterday – the classic Pocket Fisherman is on sale over at Amazon for only $15. Prices change frequently.

My youngest a few years ago catching catfish with one of my Pocket Fisherman:

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Something for you…..

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