From the Desk of John Rourke – August 21st, 2017

A little bit of a rant….

It’s everyone’s right to have an opinion on everything. Something to consider is whether to express that opinion or not. If you arrived at that opinion due to a complete lack of thought and investigation on your own then maybe just keep it to yourself……

Much of this is from experience on FB and various internet forums I visit.

AR-15 Magazines Plastic versus Metal: Whatever you want to use. Come on folks let’s move on. Polymer magazines made by Lancer and Magpul are PROVEN. Numerous aluminum and steel mags are fantastically reliable – Brownells, D&H, and C-Products to name few. Buy whatever you want and stack it deep!

Tactical Abilities: I’ve never seen so many keyboard warriors profess tactical advice when the extent of their training is pulling triggers and loading magazines. Until you’ve engaged targets under pressure from varying factors such as intense heat, sweat, physical exhaustion, movement, and other conditions don’t act like some kind of Rambo. You’ve put holes in paper – it’s different.

AR Pistols: I have multiple AR Pistols and regardless of what “brace” you have and what the ATF has stated you absolutely can be questioned, AND arrested for said firearm. If the law enforcement who sees that firearm believes it’s illegal then he will arrest and then it will be a massive money pit involving lawyers. Guess what….you will win and you will be out thousands of dollars. Feel better?

Anderson Lowers: Holy crap. The questioning over an inexpensive lower versus an expensive lower. Either they work or they don’t. Anderson Lowers work. Period. Why don’t these same questions come up with uppers? Hmmmm…..

7.5″ AR pistols: While incredibly cool and compact the concussion is ridiculous and not conducive to combat effectiveness UNLESS something is done to reduce the concussion.

Nothing but Glock: The Glock line of firearms have proven to be a fantastic sidearm. There should be no dispute. However…..the notion that every other pistol is inferior to Glock is ridiculous. Get what you like and STACK IT DEEP!

Politics Have Nothing to Do With Preparedness: BS!!!!. The preparedness movement received a huge boost in 2008 and 2012 due to politics. Anyone who has a concern with economic collapse or EMP should be well versed in current events related to politics.

If You Haven’t Served: I have the up most respect for all that have served in the military. There are those who have served who very much take a “higher than thou” attitude and speak with a level above us mere mortals. With all due respect be my fellow American Patriot not my superior.

Enough for tonight.

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FYI: Amazon has their 7″ Fire tablet as well as their 8″ Fire tablet on sale. The 7″ is $39.99 while the 8″ is $59.99. Fantastic deals for very capable devices. Perfect for a digital preparedness library.

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Hope everyone has a great week!!!


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