From the Desk of John Rourke – April 18th, 2017

The storage shed at the retreat is almost complete. Ended up being a larger job than we thought. Hopefully, within a few weeks, we’ll begin to pre-stage supplies. This is a critical component to the group’s plans and having the supplies already established is HUGE.

Next to do something similar at my bug out location in Georgia. You never know where you might be when the balloon goes up.

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Being interviewed this afternoon by Mark Goodwin over at The episode will go live at a later date – unless I sound like a total moron.   😉

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Here is a cool video someone shared on our Facebook Group page.

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Here is another video with commentary on the events that occurred Saturday at Berkely. At the Berkely Free Speech rally, Antifa and anti-Trump people clashed with Pro-Trump supporters – and things got violent. The reports I have read indicate the radical Antifa protesters were the aggressors and began to use pepper spray, push, shove, and throw objects. Although I do not wish for violence I am so glad to see the MAGA supporters stand up and fight back.

The video below contains profanity and Antifa supporters getting their ass kicked. You’ve been warned.

Lauren Southern is a right-wing activist and provides the following commentary:

This video was originally posted here – – – >>

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Is it the weekend yet?





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