From the Desk of John Rourke – November 16th, 2016


It’s becoming more and more apparent that “alternative” news sources are the places to get real news. Even websites such as Alex Jones’s and are becoming more recognized as accurate purveyors of current events. InfoWars in particular I have avoided due to Alex Jones’s mannerism of over-the-top “every event spells doom for America” narrative. Glenn Beck is another source that I used to be a big fan of until he went #nevertrump.

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Incase you haven’t heard of the stranded cows in New Zealand……..


That would make for a bad day.

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Just received in some food from I ordered last week. I had forgotten all about it until it showed up today. has a partnership with them and I haven’t pushed them much but am really impressed with the company. I have called in orders a couple times and the people I talked to were very professional, friendly – and were not pushy. They suggested some sales they had but when I said “no” it was not a big deal.

This particular order was for a 72 Hour Food Pack. This pack included a total of 4,560 calories or 1,520 calories per day. Not bad for an emergency food pack. Cost? $9.95 with Free Shipping. I am including no link here as it was a special email offer to those who have ordered before.

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I’m not a big fan of wine but my wife is. I’ve been thinking of buying her a wine making kit for Christmas. I think she would really like making wine if it turned out to at least taste better than vinegar.

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Hope everyone has a great week!!






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