Want to own a .50 cal? You likely already do…….


OK – I’m not talking .50 BMG here but a devastatingly powerful round is likely readily available to you. I am referring to the Winchester 12 gauge Super-X BRI Sabot Slug. This is a .50 caliber 437 grain slug sent down range upwards of 1400fps……and 1800 pounds of energy. “BOOM!!”


Ballistics are not everything. Not a believer? Just ask every single shooter who says 9mm is wimpy and 45ACP is everything. There is something to be said for shear mass and power and if that’s what you are looking for the Winchester BRI Sabot Slug is an excellent choice.

Every 12 gauge slug is a beast but I’m partial to the BRI sabot. I witnessed my brother take a deer with one back in the early 90’s and really enjoyed shooting it.

Oh – want to see some long range slug shooting? Check out this video.


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