Chris Costa on Why We Train


Prior to founding Costa Ludus in 2011, Chris Costa spent 4 years as the President of Magpul Dynamics. Before founding Magpul Dynamics, Costa spent 7 years in the private sector at Applied Marine Technologies Inc. (AMTI) on assignment with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Risk Management Division (RMD).

Also known as “The Beard” – Costa tells it like it is and provides logic and common sense to his opinions.

In the following video, he and those he trains provides thoughts on “Why We Train.”

I train for multiple reasons and it isn’t always as noble as “To protect my family”.  I enjoy it. I love getting out from the narrow walls of a typical shooting lane and moving – running – from cover to cover engaging targets. Increasing a wide range of abilities and skills to a level superior to I had before. It’s rewarding. It’s fun.

The end result of all that fun is the ability to protect me, my family – and my country.



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