The Demise of the Preparedness Movement

It is being reported all over the Internet and I have have heard it from preparedness industry leaders: The Preparedness Movement is becoming a thing of the past. Much like the survivalist movement in the late 80’s the preparedness movement changing – with former followers exiting.

“Why?” you ask……

Trump. Yes- Donald Trump’s election to the Presidency has generated turmoil in the preparedness community. The unbelievable hope and positive expectations looking toward the future has many prepper’s believing that “everything will be just fine” and ceasing their preparedness efforts.

Hey – I understand their thinking. I really do. I was so certain that Hillary was going to be elected and that it would be the final blow to our Republic I was investing large sums of money in specific supplies just before the election with plans for more afterwards. With the announcement of her loss I found myself in a state of shock – and wondering what to do next. My sense of urgency had been replaced with a giant sigh of relief and hope as well.

Is this hope and relief unfounded? I don’t think so. I believe Trump is going to provide a positive change for this country. I also believe that there are forces at work against him. The Liberal Left and others who are responsible for leading this country astray will not just sit by. No – they are developing a plan to get back in power and continue on where Obama has left off.

Has my prepping changed due to Trump’s election? Absolutely!

Regarding the American Reformation/Economic Collapse/Civil War/Revolution/Fill In The Blank we have been given a reprieve.  How much? Hard to say not knowing. I believe it is still coming so I will take advantage of the gift of time.

There are lots of other threats existing that make preparedness simply common sense. Localized and personal economic hardship, civil unrest, terrorism, pandemic, war, EMP, harsh winter storms, etc. all continue to be a possibility for almost all of us.

For me – it is the unknown that drives my preparations.



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