Taste Test: Yoders Canned Bacon

Bacon. Say “bacon” around a group of people and watch how their attention is instantly drawn to you. Hey – either you like bacon, or you’re wrong. For prepper’s considering what food to stock up on bacon is usually just a pipe dream due to its extremely limited shelf life.

Enter: Yoders Bacon.

I bought a few can’s of Yoders Bacon back in 2015. I decided to open one up and give it a try. Why? It’s bacon! I also wanted to see if the taste was good enough to purchase more.


The Test: Yoders Bacon

Yoder's canned bacon, SHTF, prepper, preparedness, food storage

Opening the can shows the bacon wrapped in wax paper and pressed in the can. The smell is “bacon-like” and I would not call it exactly good.


Yoder's canned bacon, SHTF, prepper, preparedness, food storage

Pulling the wax paper and bacon out shows just how everything is packed. There was an accumulation of hardened grease at the bottom. While some may be grossed out by the appearance it was no big deal to me.


Yoder's canned bacon, SHTF, prepper, preparedness, food storage

The bacon is placed in the can as full-length fully-cooked pieces. They are laid across the wax paper and then folded and rolled to fit in the can. I tried a piece fresh out of the can and it tasted like – well, bacon. It had a little different taste than I was used to. It might be the smoke flavoring – but it was good.

In fact – if I had come in on a cold winters day out hunting and had a piece – it would be VERY good.


Yoder's canned bacon, SHTF, prepper, preparedness, food storage

I prefer my bacon warm so we spread some out on a pan to place in the oven. There is a lot of bacon in that can. The picture above does NOT represent all of the bacon. There was some still in the wax paper.

Yoders Bacon is not very thick so while heating some care must be taken to not burn it.

Shelf life is claimed to be upwards of 10 years. I would assume storage methods would influence this heavily.  Compared to other food storage options for bacon this is excellent.


While Yoders Bacon can be found on sale throughout the year the best average price I have found is on Amazon.

As of this publication:

1 can Yoders Bacon – $17.00

3 cans Yoders Bacon – $49.00 [$16.33/can]

6 cans Yoders Bacon – $88.00 [$14.66/can]

12 cans(case) Yoders Bacon – $169.00 [$14.08/can]

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