Saturday’s – “What’s on your mind?”

Here is a place to share things you’ve been thinking about lately. What kind of things?

  • Recent accomplishments in preparedness.
  • Projects being worked on.
  • Thoughts on world events.
  • Recent purchases & recommendations
  • Current events related to politics, terrorism, crime – whatever.
  • Go on an adventure or have fun? Share it!
  • Whatever is on your mind….

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My turn…..

Movies: I’ve been on the mood to watch some old school survival movies lately. The original Red Dawn of course. On The Beach is another. How about THEM!? I’ve been thinking about starting LOST  – the series. I liked it when it first came out but it got so weird.

Solar Cooking: Perfect weather for cooking something in my Sun Oven. Think I’ll do a chicken. Maybe a couple baking potato’s as well.

Sun Oven, solar cooking, SHTF, prepper

Antifa: I had heard a lot about Antifa’s Summer of Rage in the Spring. What happened? Last I saw some of them were getting their ass handed to them when they got out of line at some protests.

Large Tent: One thing I do not have is a large, family sized tent. I have a 4-man tent but I am talking one of those huge tents with more than one room. If I have to relocate to the bug out retreat a large tent would assist in relieving some cramped space that we would face.


America, USA. Chuck Norris, AMERICA!!!!!

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Your turn……



Want to help support what we do here at Follow any link from this website to Amazon, make a purchase, and we receive a small commision at no additional cost to you. Zero. Nada.

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