Review: Imalent DN12 1000 Lumen High Performance Flashlight

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I continue to be amazed at the technology improvements being made within the flashlight design and manufacturing industry. As someone who remembers the days of non-alkaline batteries, regular bulbs, slide switches  – and the high tech momentary on buttons on the switch – these new high performance lights such as the Imalent DN12 are simply incredible.


The Imalent DN12 is a high performance multi-mode CREE LED flashlight that throws a concentrated beam of white light up to 1000 lumens and as low as 1 lumen. Yes – ANY lumen amount between 1 and 1000 lumens. Unique is its touch control system. Rather than pushing buttons touch panels are pressed to increase/decrease brightness as well as select different modes.

Main Features:
Palm-sized searchlight with strong output and far throw
● Latest CREE XP-L HI LED, delivers 1000Lm maximum output
Infinitely brightness adjustment, easily to get your desired light
LCD displays modes, brightness, voltage and charging process touch switch, easy operation
USB rechargeable, charges the light without taking out the battery
IPX-8 (2 meters submersible) standard waterproof
Overheat warning to inform the user reduce the output
Low-power warning prevents the battery from over-discharge



The Imalent DN12 is a small flashlight that could be considered “stubby”. It slides in a pocket easily however for holding/searching I would have liked to see it a bit longer.  Length is 3.27″ inches and 1.26″ wide.



This is my first Imalent light and it appears to be of high quality. Fit and finish is fantastic. There are no machining marks and everything fits tight. Finish is smooth and “satin-like”. Lens is crystal clear and LED is perfectly centered. The charging port rubber cover fits securely to keep out moisture from rain/water.

The knurling on the battery cap is fairly smooth and I would have preferred more aggressive machining here.




The true test will come with time. I have been using the Imalent DN12 for the past few weeks and have had no issues. I have charged it several times and no issues with the charging port or the single 650mAh CR123 battery included with it.

It is IPX-8 certified meaning it is capable of being submerged up to 2 meters without failing. Now – understand this is NOT a flashlight meant for underwater operation. Incidental dropping in water, exposure to rain and moisture it will be just fine.



Initial impression of the operation of this flashlight was filled with frustration. The Imalent DN12 is very unique in that it does not have any moving parts as part of turning it ON, OFF, and going through the different MODES.  Rather than buttons the Imalent is “touch” controlled. Although frustrating to figure out how to operate it once figured out it is pretty cool and works great.

The ONLY caution I have with the touch controls is that improper handling can cause the power of the beam to increase and decrease inadvertently. Early on I had this happen and then I made sure I held the light correctly so as not to allow this to occur.

Operation instructions

1. On/Off Switch
Double quick press the upper switch symbol on top of the LCD display then flashlight will enter into maximum output, touch the switch again to turn it off.

2. Brightness adjustment
With the flashlight on, press and hold the upper switch symbol on top of the LCD display, the flashlight brightness will increase, press and hold the lower switch under the LCD display, the flashlight brightness will be decreased.

3. Overheat warning
When flashlight body temperature up to 55℃(131F),the high temperature symbol on LCD display blinks rapidly to indicate reduce the output, to ensure the user to use comfortable and prevent the discomfort from the overheat.

4. Low-power warning
When the battery voltage less than 3.1V, the battery symbol on the LED display blinks rapidly 30 times one second to remind user need to replace the battery or charge it.

5. Battery installation
Unscrew the tail cap on the flashlight , then insert the battery with positive pole pointing towards the LED. Screw the tail cap back and the flashlight is ready to use.

6. Battery charging.
Plug in one end of the USB cable into an AC adapter (or any other portable USB adapter). Then plug in the AC adapter into the electrical outlet. Remove the anti-dust plug at the end of flashlight. Then plug the USB cable into a smaller Micro USB light’s charging port at the end of the flashlight. When the cable is properly connected, LCD screen will indicate the starting of normal charging procedure. The LED indicator flashes if the level of battery process is done, it will stop automatically.

7. Advanced temperature control module
DN12 built-in temperature control module, adjust the output automatically according to the environment temperature and the working state to offer the best performance.

8. Mode transfer (Strobe / location beacon / SOS function )
With the flashlight on, double quickly press the upper switch symbol on top of the LCD display, flashlight will enter strobe, if need to choose other special modes, just touch the same switch each time to enter the strobe-beacon-SOS accordingly.


Battery Life:

The Imalent DN12 throws an incredibly bright beam and sucks down juice to do it. How long it will throw that beam depends on lumen level and capacity of the battery. The included 650mAh battery is rated to run the light for 45 minutes at the full 1000 lumens. I would say this is close based on my testing. Running the DN12 down to 100 lumens or so will dramatically increase battery life.

The rechargeable CR123 battery is a great and cost-savings inclusion however any CR123 battery will work – including other rechargeable options out there. I very much like the fact that a more common battery type is used. The CR123 is becoming more and more popular and its availability is widespread.

FYI – your typical lithium-ion CR123 battery has a capacity of around 1500mAh’s. Something to keep in mind.


Performance: A picture is worth a thousand words……


Above: Area directly across the street from my front door. Distance is approx 50 yards.

Below: The Imalent throwing 1000 lumens


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *


Above: Approx 100 yards away

Below: This picture really shows the power and intensity at 1000 lumens



Final Thoughts:

I like the Imalent DN12 LED flashlight. The key to its successful use is understanding how it works and proper holding. This is not really a big deal unless you hand it off to someone who is expecting an ON/OFF button. Imalent is pushing the envelope of flashlight technology and at around $50.00 this thing is not only unique – it is a performer.

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