Prep’s This Week

Busy week but a good one. Interesting that for whatever reason this past week I found myself thinking with great clarity.  Hopefully it continues.

Took out a small loan from my 401k and paid off my Jeep. The payments are less, lower interest rate, and the money goes back directly to me. Pretty happy about this. Debt reduction remains on the list of “things to do” when it comes to preparedness.

Filled up my vehicles and several 5 gallon gas cans. As of Saturday afternoon a few gas stations have run out of gas and prices have jumped up some. A lot of people have not heard about the pipeline break. My increased purchases are probably contributing to the shortage. Oh well. Still don’t think this will be serious but just taking precautions.

Added two more American Silver Eagle 1 oz. coins purchased from Montana Rarities.

Picked up wood and a variety of soil to start building raised beds in the garden. Will start putting things together shortly.

My order from Springfield Armory arrived containing 10 7-rd. magazines and a leather holster.

Placed an order with for some 9mm and 5.56 ammunition.

Worked on two projects – an ammo can solar portable power station and a perimeter alarm system. Both of these will be in the PROJECT section of this website within the next couple weeks. They will not be complete but there will be enough to give an idea of what they’re all about.

Caught up on some YouTube video’s

I continue to see incredible division in this country. I can feel the tension between different groups of people especially racial tension. Sad.

That’s about it….

Your turn.





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