Prep’s This Week


Managed to get a few things done this week:

  • Picked up a pair of Merrell hiking shoes. This is my second pair and as my first still has plenty of life left in them this pair will be put back until needed.
  • Ordered a Griffin 12 watt power port car charger for my work phone. This thing is fantastic and charges either of my phones very quickly. I consider this a prep as it is part of communication. I also bought one for my wife.
  • Bought a 32 foot SMA cable for a ham radio project. Found it on eBay for under $10. Hopefully not totally junk but we’ll see.
  • Ordered 10 7-rd Springfield 1911 magazines and a leather holster for my 1911 Operator.

Posts this week may be on the slim side or may have a couple “blast from the past” published. Life is busy and writing time may be short.

That’s about it….

Your turn.



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