Prep’s This Week

What a week. Between disasters at work and craziness at home free time and sleep was a rarity.

Ordered and received a 100 watt WindyNation solar panel. This is my second panel and will be added to the 100 watt off grid kit I purchased a couple of months ago. Goal is one more panel to give me 300 watts for this one system. Once I get to trying it out I’ll take some pictures and share.

Picked up a Safariland holster for my Springfield 1911. Love it. It has a lining to help cut down on gun finish wear from taking it in and out of the holster.

Took advantage of a local grocery store sale along with store coupons to pick up a bunch of canned tomatoes, corn, and assorted fruit.

Ordered and received a few packs of 300cc oxygen absorbers to mylar pack some food and place into buckets.


Listened to Trump’s speech from Gettysburg. Pretty good stuff.


Tonight we find out who bit the dust on The Walking Dead. I’m scared!!!!


That’s about it….

Your turn.



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