Preparedness and Drones


Military use of drones and surveillance have exploded in popularity over the past decade. The reasons are obvious. Unmanned drones  – being unmanned – help save American lives. The perspective of several hundred feet to a few thousand feet certainly provides insight as to what is going on in the area. The fact that unmanned drones can also be weaponized makes military drones a major combat multiplier in our Armed Forces.

Drones are not only for the military. The quality of civilian drones is constantly going up while pricing has been fairly steady or even trending downward slightly. A great example of a civilian drone with real uses for the prepper is the Phantom 3 Standard. Running under $400 on sale the Phantom 3 Standard provide exception ease of flight and real-time camera viewing. Of course it also records during flight and the camera’s angles can be adjusted during flight.

A friend of mine recently purchased a Phantom 3 Standard and has shared his flight video’s with me. Impressive! I wanted to post one here however file size was rather large so check out the video below. It provides a good overview of the capabilities of a $500 drone. Remember – all the footage can be seen by the pilot in real-time.


Consider the benefit of using such a drone – or multiple drones – for retreat security and area surveillance. There are many benefits of including these drones in preparedness plans and strategy. Expensive? Fairly, however there are those that will blow $1500 on an AR – and scoff at spending $400 on a drone. For some it would be a valuable tool while others not.

I believe in short order I’ll have a Phantom 3 Standard on a bench in my garage. Besides preparedness – these things are FUN!!


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