What did you do to prep this past week?

This past week had me thinking a lot about preparedness and goals to reach over the next 18 months. Feel pretty good where I’m at and where I need to go.

Over this past week:



  • I managed to assemble the parts to attach a Sawyer Mini Water Filter to a bucket. This allows several gallons of water to be filtered at one time with the Sawyer. Works great! It was not easy to locate the necessary parts.


  •  Received notice that my Polymer80 Glock 80% Lower has shipped. I pre-ordered this a few months ago kinda on an impulse. It will make an interesting project gun.


  • Planted a few more things in the garden which is doing well. A few days of rain really helped the corn burst into the sky.


  • Delivered the bug out trailer to local fabrication shop to add an enclosed tailgate. Hope it will be done this week. Next up is building a wooden top hinged on one end.


  • Put back 3 pounds of salt and 2 jars of peanut butter(freezer).  Completed seed banks for all group members. Filled 2 propane tanks and one 5 gallon gas can.


So – what have you done this past week?



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