Pray for law enforcement and our country

Another day goes by and more police are targeted. Whether they are targeted due to the color of their skin or the jobs they do – the results are the same.

My wife in response to headlines broadcasted on TV proclaimed….“There are some sick people in this world.” I corrected her…“Honey – it’s evil. Pure evil.”

Maybe evil has always existed at the level of today and we just hear more about it. Regardless law enforcement across the country is under attack. The combination of the #blacklivesmatter movement and radical Islam has made being a police officer much more dangerous.

A friend of mine who has been a cop in my hometown recently posted on Facebook that he had been thinking he didn’t know if he could keep doing it.  He said the outpouring of support and love from the public recently has dismissed his thoughts of a career change. 

I am sending out prayers today that God protects those that protect us. 



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